welcome to the woods . . .

. . .mystery awaits



art by eyemittens

spider / vera
i'm an 18 y/o artist who primarily draws dragons.


pixel art credits : deviantart
traumlaterne - bionicbandit - whitewing1122 - m-adking
carrd by londonox


all prices in usd.
I do not accept points.
content warning : examples may contain blood / gore or disturbing themes.
click images for full size.


shading + $10


shading + $10


shading + $10

$85 +

Custom Design
$ 80 - $120

terms of service.

general. . .

  • I do not do refunds. All payments are final. I complete all commissions regardless of time taken.

  • You may not manipulate or change my art in any way. I am the only person allowed to edit the artwork, and if you'd like me to change or edit your commission please let me know during the sketching process.

  • You may not claim the work as your own. You have no right to resell or advertise it as your own.

  • You may use your commission to decorate any of your pages or profiles as long as I am credited. You may NOT use art that does not belong to you.

  • I am able to advertise and use your commission however I'd like.

  • Please do not rush me. I have commissioners waiting most likely before you, and I am doing my best to finish everything in a fair amount of time.

  • You are allowed to ask for updates.

  • I ask that you pay before I start.

  • All commissions must be paid via PayPal unless told otherwise.

  • Please provide references and/or inspirations.

  • I am fully able to decline your commission, even if I do not have an explanation.

  • Please contact me @ rustviper via instagram to discuss a commission

custom designs. . .

  • The original file may not be changed or edited by anyone but me. Do not make any design changes to the art.

  • Do not resell your custom for higher than you had bought it for, unless there is art added onto its worth.

  • You are free to make any changes to your design upon drawing them after receiving the custom. This may not be done on the original file.

  • You are free to gift away and trade your design to whomever you'd like.

  • Do not claim that you had created the original design.

  • If traded and/or sold, please make sure the new owner reads the TOS.

  • Please provide inspiration and a brief description for your design. I do not need anything lengthy, but inspirations and basic colors/designs will help me upon creation.

misc. . .

  • My commissions fluctuate in turn around time. Please realize that not all commissions will take the same amount of time. You are agreeing to waiting when commissioning me, please be patient.

What I can't / will not draw:

> Racism / Homophobia
> Fetish art
> Zoophilia / Feral NSFW
> Generally any philias
> Anything that harms a minority or any other person
> Freak shit

  • If you have any questions regarding a commission and what I can draw, do not be afraid to ask